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With the “Online File Lists” the Bochum-based company is replacing its in-house tool “Listviewer”, a graphic user interface Data Recovery Services which was previously limited to use under Windows operating systems.

who unfortunately weren’t able to use our predecessor tool “Listviewer” until now, because it only ran under Windows. With our new solution, we are getting all users on the same boat, regardless of whether they are using Linux, Windows or Macintosh,” says Martin Eschenberg, who is responsible for marketing at KUERT Datenrettung in Bochum.

File lists – backbone of data recovery :

File lists are used to check the expected end result of Linkedin data recovery. They give the customer information as to whether the files that are important to him can be saved, how extensive they are or whether they are damaged. File lists are therefore the customer’s basis for assessing the personal success or failure of his commissioned rescue or repair of a defective storage medium.

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These lists are therefore an essential set of basic tools so that the customer can form the most accurate judgment possible. File lists include:

  • Folder names and structure
  • file names
  • time and date stamp
  • File type and file extension
  • file size

“Surely anyone can imagine that checking a text-based file list with 60,000 individual files is no fun for a customer, that’s why our file lists visualize each folder name containing a defective file by color coding. This makes it very easy for our customers to defective files that may be contained in subfolders.

A general overview also gives the users of our solution information at a glance about the rescue result, both as a percentage and in terms of the number of rescueable and non-recoverable files contained. The whole thing is rounded off by search – and filter functions that also include wildcard options,” says Eschenberg.

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