How To Data Recovery On Phone, Smartphone And Tablet

Data Lab Center is a French laboratory specializing in the field of data recovery. Our know-how, our experience and our research and development department allow us to recover data where others fail.

We have set up a clear procedure , without ambiguity or unpleasant surprises for our customers who are victims of data loss .

Data recovery from an iPhone or any other smartphone and tablet can be approached in two ways:
– Either by unsoldering the memory chips (called “ Chip-off ”) containing your data,
– Or by creating a connection between them and our drives through the motherboard (called “ Jtag ”).

Once recovered, your data will be placed on a new medium (hard drive, USB key, etc.).

Telephones, smartphones or even tablets store their owner’s wikipedia data in memory chips soldered on a motherboard called a PCB . Depending on the state of this motherboard, we will intervene on it or directly on the memory chips.

Data loss on mobile devices is legion and can come from multiple sources of possible failures : oxidation, electrical damage, physical damage, defective component(s), logical problem, deletion, etc.

Data recovery operations may be different depending on the brand , OS (operating system) and condition of the device. We work on all brands (Apple, HTC, LG, Nokia, Samsung..) and all operating systems on the market (iOS, Android, Windows Phone..).

Note of attention for iPhone iPad : The success rate for smartphones with iOS (Apple) operating system is lower than its Android and Windows Phone counterparts. Indeed the memory chips are encrypted and do not allow them to be extracted from the motherboard. Thus it is necessarily necessary to recover the data from the memory chips; and in addition repair the motherboard . Apple refuses to decrypt the data, even if you own the device.

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