How To Data Recovery From Unrecognized USB Flash Drive?

Sharing information and storing it in convenient storage devices has become very common these days. USB drives have become more Data Recovery common storage devices used by users to share files and software.

With such reliance on USB storage devices, you can easily understand the situation that may occur when suddenly USB drive is not readable on the system, and you have some essential Data Recovery stored in the drive.

If the drive letter of your USB drive is the same as one of the drive letters of your computer’s hard drive partition, you won’t be able to see it in Windows File Explorer. In this case, you need to assign a new drive letter to your USB drive.

If your USB drive has file system errors, it will show as RAW and become inaccessible. In this case, the file system error refers to an unsupported Data Recovery file system or a file system damaged by incorrect operations or improper formatting.

When you format your USB flash drive, all data on it is deleted. Therefore, you must first protect your data by making a copy of it. Use a file Twitter recovery tool to recover files from your USB drive before formatting it.

Data Recovery is a powerful and very reliable software from Tenor share that you can use to recover your lost, deleted or corrupted data. It has a deep scanning system that can recover all types of files. The best part is that you can use Data Recovery on both Windows and iOS platforms.